Allahuma arenal Haqqa Haqqan war zuqna ittiba`u, Wa arenal batila batilaan war zuqna ijtinaba...
O Allah, please give us the ability to observe truth as it truly is and make us follow it;
and give us the ability to observe falsehood as it truly is and help us reject and steer clear from it.

Dear brother or sister in Islam, 

If you are wondering why we have decided to voice these concerns now,

 our reasons are multi dimensional:


1. It is the obligation of Muslims to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil.

2. If the evil was done in public, it should be denounced publicly.

3. The meanings of some major concepts of Islam, are being twisted to entertain/confuse certain elements of the society.

We have had many comments on numerous lectures by Br. Hamzah Yusuf for a long time but we preferred to keep it to ourselves. In the hope that he might correct himself and benefit others with his tapes and alike. The interviews done with him lately show that he exceeded all acceptable bounds. We feel obligated to share our comments with all Muslims.


May Allah forgive us for any mistakes, and bless us and our efforts,

Also please make dua for Br. Hamza, that he may be guided to the truth.


Our comments on some recent interview given after September 11th

Our comments on some of Hamza Yusuf's Lecture - audio tapes

Why now?

Who are we?

What another well known American Imam had to say about Hamza Yusuf and his teachings.  What other people have to say about Hamza Yusuf's teachings.
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