Allahuma arenal Haqqa Haqqan war zuqna ittiba`u, wa arenal batila batilaan war zuqna ijtinaba

O Allah, please give us the ability to observe truth as it truly is and make us follow it;
and give us the ability to observe falsehood as it truly is and help us reject and steer clear from it.

Below are our comments on the Lectures on audio-tapes given by Hamza Yusuf.

We are currently listening to many audio tapes by Br. Hamza.

Many tapes have serious mistakes, which demand a clarification from him.

However past behavior leads us to believe he will not be willing to

listen to us until more people start raising these issues.

Hence we are placing any mistakes we find here, in the hopes that others will point them out.

Both to other Muslims who must be helped and to him. inshallah. 

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Our comments on some recent interview given after September 11th

Our comments on some of Hamza Yusuf's Lectures - audio tapes

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Who are we?

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reviewed: NOV 1st 2001