Many people have asked us who we are...?

We are the slaves of Allah.

 It is the job of every Muslim to stand up for the truth and to enjoin good and forbid evil.

As Muslims we have found that there are many serious discrepancies in what is being presented about Islam through this person. We feel the need to point out major mistakes in an attempt to prevent our brothers and sisters from falling prey to our ignorance of Allah's religion.

Please realize that it is the obligation of every Muslim to learn the Deen of Allah (AWJ).


Please do not be distracted by who is bringing you this message. Rather weigh this message by looking at our evidence from the Qur'an and Sunnah, and the fact that everything we write is Inshallah well documented. 

Please visit our references, and form an opinion about our message,

 only after you have checked what we are saying. 

Once the truth is clear, please spread it to all, we will all be held accountable for this by Allah (SWT).

Our comments on some recent interview given after September 11th

Our comments on some of Hamza Yusuf's Lecture - audio tapes

Why now?

Who are we?

What another well known American Imam had to say about Hamza Yusuf and his teachings.  What other people have to say about Hamza Yusuf's teachings.
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