Allahuma arenal Haqqa Haqqan war zuqna ittiba`u, Wa arenal batila batilaan war zuqna ijtinaba...

O Allah, please give us the ability to observe truth as it truly is and make us follow it;
and give us the ability to observe falsehood as it truly is and help us reject and steer clear from it.


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This website is a modest attempt to put forth the opinions of the scholars of the Ahlay Sunnah

with regard to a brother who is very outspoken and well heard.

Many scholars who have visited his institute, or heard or read his works,

have discovered some fundamental flaws in what is being taught.

Inshallah we intend to make comment and clear up any misconceptions with the hope

 of preventing any Muslim from deviating from the truth.


Our comments on some recent interview given after September 11th

Our comments on some of Hamza Yusuf's Lecture - audio tapes

Why now?

Who are we?

What another American Imam had to say about Hamza Yusuf and his teachings.  What other people have to say about Hamza Yusuf's teachings. -new
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reviewed: NOV 21st 2001