Allahuma arenal Haqqa Haqqan war zuqna ittiba`u, wa arenal batila batilaan war zuqna ijtinaba...

O Allah, please give us the ability to observe truth as it truly is and make us follow it;
and give us the ability to observe falsehood as it truly is and help us reject and steer clear from it.

Below are our comments on the interviews given by Hamza Yusuf.

As more interviews become available we will continue adding them to this page. 

Also since we are continuously researching other material by him, many times we come across serious contradictions in his previous material. Please bear in mind we do not mean contradictions in small matters but rather conflicting statements being made at different times, about matters as serious as: interpretation of the Quran, Hadeeth and the Aqeeda (creed) of Muslims. 

We will also place these inconsistencies in his statements and thought here. 

Comments on his interviews after the Sept 11th tragedy. -main article- a must read

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Our comments on some recent interviews

given after September 11th

Our comments on some of Hamza Yusuf's Lecture - audio tapes

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Who are we?

What other American Imams are saying about Hamza Yusuf's teachings  What other people have to say about Hamza Yusuf's teachings.
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reviewed: NOV 21st 2001