Hamza Yusuf on the "American Muslim" hour
I.I.S program (Run by Nazir Khwaja in California) on Sat June 9th 2001


On the "American Muslim" hour this morning, Hamza Yusuf engaged in his usual spin on words...

here is a skeletal look on some of the baseless points that he mentioned

- i won't editorialize each point because these points are entirely ridiculous,

 with out any merit & are nothing but typical products of Hamza's mind -

He contains a lot of info but as usual, he is bereft of concrete points that point to a direction:

   * he said that the majority of the US constitution is Islamic, yes, let me repeat, IS Islamic!!!
   * He first said that he does not like the word "state" - from experience, he holds this opinion because at one time he surfaced the "deen wa dawla" dichotomy, where he said that the deen is dynamic & dawla or state is stasis, which leads to a static environment ?!?
   * He said that there are Muslims who treat Islam as nothing but a political ideology and this is wrong because this connotes "control" whereas Islam means submission - he said the prophet (saaw) was not a dictator (he prefaced this statement by mentioning that amongst the Jews, there is a group that was solely geared to bringing about an Israeli state).
   * He also said that those who want to establish an Islamic society are necessarily talking about a utopian society.
   * He said that when he spoke to a Moroccan 'alim, the 'alim said that if Buddhist teachings were applied, we would be closer to Islam
   * He said that he does not like the word "ideology" because God does not have ideas & He does not have fikr
   * He said that there is no freedom because as an example,  in Los Angeles, u cannot even get off the freeway when we want to (huh?) - he said that freedom only exists in the Sahara desert
   * He said that we are an ant colony & that we are drones, while Coca-Cola & Citibank are queen bees? (huh?)

May Allah guide us to the Haqq & aid us in keeping our distance from such intellectual trash & poison.

Comment: This message is an email message edited to fit a web page. The content was neither written nor researched by us. We are currently trying to find a transcript of this interview for our proper commentary. Once again if you come across any such audio or video presentations please contact us. Jazak Allah Kherun.

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Reviewed: Nov 24th 2001